Photography by    Tony Felgueiras   , Yoga Journal

Photography by Tony Felgueiras, Yoga Journal

For over a decade, Allie Brawley has been conducting market research in a broad range of industries to support her clients' strategic goals.  As an independent research analyst, she tracks, collects and communicates insight, research and analysis to support the development of strategic business initiatives, sales and marketing plans, new product development and business expansion.  Her focus on qualitative research gathers conversational insight from a variety of key sources.  By reporting on specific market activities, her clients can make more informed strategic decisions.

Previously, Allie served as a market analyst in the competitive intelligence division of a medical publisher, Elsevier Science. After exploring the culinary world for several years, she reconnected with her research roots and launched Lakeshore Research in 2008. Allie’s experience also includes sales and marketing, business development and strategic planning for a variety of start-up businesses.  She exercises her entrepreneurial spirit as a regular contributor to new ventures, including Epic 7 Travel and MatchHealth.    

Allie earned a BSBA from Boston University’s Questrom School of Management. For her full CV, click here or visit LinkedIn

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Allie also owns and operates a yoga studio, Northern Life Yoga.  This business combines Allie's marketing creativity and passion for health and wellness.  Founded in 2010, Allie has built a thriving yoga community and sustainable membership business model.

Photography by Tony Felgueiras, Yoga Journal, Estes Park, Colorado