Need to find clarity amidst your ambitions to focus your goals?  Consider a moderated meeting with your strategic business advisors to align your priorities and goals.  Wish to understand perceptions and opinions of your products and services?  Focus groups are fundamental to gather attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences and reactions on your offerings.

We’ve appreciated that Allie put her research skills to work for our company as we analyzed the perceptions and results of our clients in our first five years of business. Her research approach and recommendations helped us to position our company for the years ahead. Additionally, we then engaged her services as a facilitator for our annual strategic retreat with our Advisory Board. This allowed us as owners/principals to engage optimally at this retreat with our trustees in the development of our strategies. Allie is a strategic business-minded person whom we would recommend to other organizations.
— Sue Tetzlaff, Co-Founder, Capstone Leadership Solutions


  • Facilitated focus group discussions to determine community perceptions of local healthcare options and quality of care for a rural hospital.

  • Moderated strategic planning meeting to elicit illuminating feedback and insight through carefully planned interactive sessions covering critical topics to generate ideas and guidance for strategic goals and exit strategy for a start-up company.