What direction are you headed?  Ensure your company is progressing in the best direction with market research.  Insight and analysis on products, services, and market trends clear the fog to identify opportunities and enable you to make more informed business decisions. 

We retained Allie to do qualitative research with our partner organizations. The research has given us our ‘compass’ for our work in the upcoming years. It was well presented in a very usable format. Another benefit to working with Allie is that our CEO’s and Initiative Champions were complimentary of their hour on the phone with her. This is an incredible feat! Busy executives struggle to stay in a conversation for ten minutes, much less an hour. Allie is easy to talk to and quite obviously, very professional.
— Jane McLeod, Co-Founder, Capstone Leadership Solutions


• Evaluated factors that influenced decisions in a win/loss assessment for a higher education publisher seeking to improve its sales process in a declining sector

• Investigated employee engagement strategies and communications that target and increase usage and adoption of products and services in financial service and retail corporations

• Explored recruiting strategies and on-campus resources and support for international student population among higher education institutions

• Identified tactics and sales structure for new product launches in pharmaceutical industry

• Examined competitor pricing and contract strategies for healthcare corporation